Interactor® is a registered trademark of Pulzze Systems, Inc. a technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley creating new ways to build smart solutions using any device and service

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How We Help

Engineering teams are placed under triple pressure

Data Management

The volume and complexity of data are increasing, demanding high performance and scalable real-time processing with accuracy and agility to ensure actions are taken when it matters.

Increasing Data Points

Engineering teams face an uphill battle of creating connectors for the growing number and types of data points. Engineers now need to know how to work with many protocols before working on a solution.

Scarce Resources

The competition demands more to get done with fewer people. Latest technology products are driving efficiency. Engineering teams need to equip with the right tools to maximize output.

Interactor provides a fast and easy way to connect diverse data points and manage real-time data to help engineering teams meet these challenges and best leverage existing and new IT/OT investments

Industry REcognitions


Our Story

Interactor® was founded in 2014 by David Jung, Cisco architect who designed software powering the largest router in the world.

At the Internet networking company Cisco, the founders developed packet forwarding software. The software was built to run routers at full-duplex throughput of up to 322 Tera bit per second. Having built such high performance connectivity products, he started questioning why no such product exists for solution building. Everything after connectivity still had to be coded or rely on cloud platforms. Inspired by the challenge, a company was started to create a product that makes building enterprise-level solutions as simple as punching in a few commands.

Interactor® is the product that enables solution building for GREAT ideas, offering the reliability of enterprise-level solutions as well as the flexibility, scale and performance today’s applications require. Interactor® provides software licensing, professional services for designing and building, and support services for ongoing product support that is needed for enterprise customers.

We have branch and partner offices across the US and the Asia-Pacific. Simply contact us or our partners to more information. Please compare our product with others’ and see how much time and cost you could be saving.


‘20 Mar  API AutoFlow Prototype delivered
‘19 Oct Interactor was selected in top 25 winner list among hundreds of participating US companies in Verizon’s 2019 Built On 5G Challenge
‘19 Aug Interactor was selected in top 26 winner list among hundreds of participating companies worldwide in Nokia’s Industrial Automation Open Innovation Challenge 2019
’19 Aug Intelligent Edge Data Migration and Automation Solution trial with one of USA’s largest telecom service providers
‘19 Apr Release of Log Ingestion solution powered by Interactor®
‘19 Feb The City of Daegu awards contracts and signs MOU
‘19 Feb Joint product offering with Industrial IoT market leader
’19 Jan Release of SDWAN solution powered by Interactor®
’19 Mar 5 POCs complete with one of USA’s largest telecom service providers
’18 Oct Awarded contract for edge LTE with leading maritime company
’18 Aug Interactor, one of “AI-powered IoT” Hot 10 startups by IDG
’18 Mar Telecom Council name Interactor as Startup to Watch for 2018
’18 Jan Awarded IoT infrastructure project, Guangzhou China
’17 Sep Call center solution collaboration with IBM AI Watson
’17 Apr Selected by Dept. of Commerce for Smart Tech Mission
’17 Feb Smart retail project by Panasonic USA
’17 Jan MITRE Corp IoT Challenge Competition First Runner Up
’16 Jun Awarded IoT grant from National Science Foundation
’16 Jun Winner at ETNS 2016 by Ericsson-LG
’16 Feb Awarded Cyber Security grant from US Government DHS
’15 Nov Selected by Cisco for Singapore Government TAG PASS
’15 Nov Cisco Solution Partnership
’15 Sep Interactor® Beta launch (Community release)
’14 Oct Pulzze Systems, Inc. founded