Server-side No-Code Development

Empowering to build API solutions


“This is amazing!” a security expert yells out

With excitement as security logs from AWS are pre-processed in front of his eyes by simple drag and drop and keying in some settings. There has often been a separation between people who requires a solution and who ends up building the solutions. It could be due to lack of time available to focus on building the solution, lack of expertise to build an enterprise-grade solution, lack of clarity to define the solution in full, or some combination of the above. Whatever the reason, this separation often results in less than ideal output due to challenges in communicating the requirement in full, finding the right people to build the solution, or prohibitively long time and high cost required in building the solution.

A security expert needed to create his security solution without having to rely on another team to build it for him or her. He had to experiment with his solution and perfect it without having to go through various requirement definition, change management, and communication headaches.


This will “change the way we work like never before” says another online service provider

As his team decides to base their external service integration and migration with a no-code server product.

Hiring people to constantly write code in different languages to create solutions and maintain them is time-consuming and costly for businesses. Time-to-market and cost are important factors for businesses, and this is more so due to the ever-changing requirements of today’s solutions. Businesses need to be empowered by the solutions, and not be slowed down by the solution development and change management process.

Even with the recent wave of no-code development platforms, no-code products have either been largely centered around mobile and web apps or focused on specific vertical use cases. Whether it is a web server servicing mobility customers, role-based access control for a telecommunication provider, or a dashboard serving data for industrial customers, server-side development has remained to be an area where code has played a major role.

This is changing with the introduction of some server-side low-code platforms and especially with the introduction of no-code products such as “API AutoFlow”.

API AutoFlow allows the creation of server applications through graphical user experience. Mainly focused on HTTP API based interactions, API AutoFlow provides hundreds of actions that can be added to a flow of execution to handle various HTTP requests. It is used by online service providers, industrial companies, telcos, and security companies to act as its web and API servers.

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