API AutoFlow with Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS)

API AutoFlow supports simple integration with Oracle Rest Data Services. This document describes components that come into play for working with Oracle Rest Data Services.

Required Information

Apart from understanding the nature of data being worked with, the following set of information is required as a baseline.

  • Target ORDS Host (e.g. localhost, https://abc.adb.us-phoenix-1.oraclecloudapps.com)
  • Database Schema Name/Alias
  • Database Object Name/Alias
  • Username
  • Password

Basic Workflow

Basic workflow configuration sample may be found at

Working with ORDS involves following a specific process

  • Get Auth Token
  • Work with data

Get Token

service/oracle/ords/get-auth-token action may be used to obtain a token from ORDS.

Protocol (http, https) information has to be in lower case, and if it is not included in Host configuration, http will be used by default.

Port configuration may be left empty unless a specific port is used for the target ORDS services.

Schema information has to be provided, and must not be included in the Host information.

If successful, response has the following information structure.

Working with data

service/oracle/ords/ data actions (get, insert, upsert, delete) may be used to work with Oracle Database data through ORDS.

Each ORDS data action needs to provide a valid token, received from Get-Auth-Token action.

Offset, Limit and Filter may also be configured to control scope of data being worked with.

Filter has to be an object that follows the ORDS FilterClause object specification.

Some actions interact with ORDS based on keys. Keys uniquely identify a row for the target object/table. If there are more than one key for the target table, keys have to be listed in exact order in which the uniquely indexed keys are defined. If a single key is used, it may be defined as a String (S) or an Array (A).


Following ORDS actions are supported.


Status Code 401

Invalid Token is used. Use Get-Auth-Token action to get a new token. In this case, HTML response is received instead of a structured object.

Status Code 404

Schema or Object alias/name may be incorrect. Verify and correct the information on both API AutoFlow configuration and the target Oracle Database/ORDS. In this case, HTML response is received instead of a structure object.

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