Focus on Developing the Framework

To achieve high efficiency and quality in development, and at the same time lower the time to market for solution delivery, API design environment needs to provide a seamless experience for developers when designing and testing the solution.

The developer design environment and the user interface need to be simple from the start, reliable throughout the design, functional for every step in the design process, testable against the desired outcome, and maintainable before and after delivery with low effort for root cause analysis and resolution.

API AutoFlow provides many built-in components for a no-code development environment through drag and drop of pre-defined actions, a flow transaction interfaces with full visibility on the entire solution, the ability to transform the data on the fly, and data simulator to test the result before taking the next action in the solution logic.

The result is faster development, quality solution, more automation, re-usable design, simplicity in operation and maintenance, and easy customization.