Solution Flow

No-code Application Backend #

API AutoFlow provides a true no-code experience for creating an application backend.

The user experience is similar to drawing a software flowchart. The difference is that after the drawing, the solution is ready for use.

The API AutoFlow WYSIWYG also follows many of BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) standards, making it easy for even non-developers. 


  • Provides visibility into the automated behaviors
  • Helps identify compliance and software health issues
  • Easily view how each server, node, and action relate to each other

Action Chaining #

Creating a flow is about lazy “chaining actions”.  The actions alter the data to reach the desired result. 

The flow receives a “Request” data

The chain of actions makes a change to the data based on the settings

The data is sent back as a “Response”

Cut& Paste, Delete Actions #

Actions can be cut, pasted, deleted using the edit icon on the top of the screen


Copy using mouse

Action can also be copied using Alt + mouse drag on MAC or Ctrl/Alt + mouse drag on Linux

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