Create Upsert SQL from Object

Table of Contents

Sequelize object action to convert Object into an Upsert SQL.

Properties #

Object: The object with both the column (object key) and the values to be upserted.
Table: Name of the table to insert the data
id-name: ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause condition (column)
id-value: ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause condition  (value)

Output #

Output-location: Response from the database

Example #

Given below object 

{ “column1”: “value1”,  “column2”: “value2”,  “column3”: “value3”}

table : table_name

id_name : id_name

id_value : id_value

The SQL query will be generated

INSERT INTO table_name (column1,column2,column3) 
VALUES ("value1","value2","value3") 
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id_name=id_value

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