Action to apply Elixir expressions.


  • expression: Elixir expressions
  • variables: target: The location to work on from the flow transaction data
    • Name: Name of the new variable
    • Target: The location to get the data from


  • output-location: Location to store the output data

For example


Let’s say we want to apply string concatenate (joining) function in Elixir

 “Hello” <> “ World”



Hello World

1. Using the Testing feature, let’s send a value of “Hello” in the request body

2. Add a Data Expression action and assign where you want to read the array from (variable -> target), where you want to put the resulting value (target), and the Elixir expression to apply. In this case request body <> “ World”

3. To display the result on the browser, let’s copy the data in the response body

Below we see that the values in the array have been capitalized

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