Oracle Cloud Quickstart – New Compute

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If you are already using Oracle Cloud, a new instance with API AutoFlow can be launched directly from the Oracle Marketplace.

Launch on Oracle Cloud #

Oracle Cloud (OCI) provides a simple way to launch API AutoFlow from the marketplace.

  • Go to the link below and follow the instructions to get started. Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  • Once you have launched API AutoFlow, follow the tutorials to build your application.

Step 1:  Launch the API AutoFlow Instance


  • Compartment:  Select the compartment you wish to run the instance
  • Shape: Select the desired shape based on the performance needs. API AutoFlow can perform under low compute environment. However, for application that requires heavy processing, select higher OCPU and memory option.
  • Network: Select the virtual cloud network
  • Subnet: [Important]  The instance requires ports to be opened from the subnet security listing.  Select the subnet that you are able to add ingress rules. [instructions below]
  • SSH: Download private and public key. You will need this to SSH into the linux to open ports for your application.

Step 2:  Open port 4000 to access API AutoFlow UI

Step 3:  Select the rule from the security list

Step 4:  Add Ingress rule

Step 5:  Open web browser to {IP_Address}:4000

Step 6:  Create User ID and Password

Where to get help?

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