“Flow data’ is the data that passes through the flow.  It is the transaction data of an endpoint.

Let’s look at below example. The data gets passed along the flow.

  1. HTTP server receives request(input) and response(output) data. 
  2. The data is passed along to the endpoint with the matching path /helloworld
  3. The endpoint passes the data to the next action in the flow
  4. The data/set action assigns a string value of “Hello World” to a target called “Result“.

    Target is similar to a variable in a programming language

  5. The next data/set action assigns the “Result” to the “Response Body (output)”

Calling this endpoint returns the value of “Hello World”

Applying changes to the flow data

You can apply changes to the flow data by dragging-n-dropping the field in the component’s settings.

In the Hello World example, the Response (output) Body field of the flow data is given a string value of ‘Hello World’.
In another words, when the endpoint is executed, the body of the response (output) will have the value ‘Hello World

Note: The data that’s been displayed is what the action received from the previous component. Once the current action applies the changes, the flow data with new value is passed to the next component.

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