3 Steps

  1. Create HTTP Server
  2. Create Endpoint
  3. Add Action

1. Create HTTP Server

Press the [+ HTTP Server] button to create a new server. 

Go to the bottom panel to add the server details

Note you can assign name and port of your choice.

2. Create Endpoint

Press the [ + End point ] button to create a new endpoint.

Make sure the server is selected for the + Endpoint button to appear.

Go to the bottom panel again to add the endpoint details

3. Add Action

From the right panel, press Action tab, and drag-n-drop the data-set action to the flow

Data Set Settings

From the right panel Data tab, drag-n-drop the output body field into the target.

The Local Transaction Data automatically detects the input-output data structure of the selected action and makes them available for use in the settings.  

Insert the text Hello World to the value

Open up a browser

Go to the URL localhost:1234/helloworld to check the data.

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