Google Could Connector Setup

To use Google APIs in API-AutoFlow, you need to activate OAuth token from your google account.

To do that go to this link:

Then log in with your google account.

Google Setup #

1. Create a project:

            1.1. Click on “Select a Project

            1.2. Click on “New Project

            1.3. Write a name for the project then click on “Create

Then our project is created and available in project section, also we see some information about the project on Dashboard. Now we are ready to go to next step.

2. Create “OAuth Consent Screen”:

            2.1. From the left menu go to ”APIs & Services”, click on “OAuth Consent Screen” 

            2.2.  Select “External” and then click on “Create

            2.3 Write a name for OAuth, then select your email address

            2.4 Then scroll down and write your email at ”Developer Contact Information”, then press “Save and Continue

            2.5 For the two remaining sections, “Scope” and “Test Users”, you don’t need to do anything, just scroll down and press “Save and Continue”. Then you are done.

            2.6 Now you need to publish your application. Go to ”OAuth Consent Section” and press “Publish App

Now you can go for the third and last step.

3. Create Credential:

            3.1. From left side menu go to “Credential” section. Click on “Create Credential”. Then choose “OAuth Client ID”.

            3.2. Set Application Type to “Web Application”. Then provide a name. After that click on “ADD URL” in the “Authorized Redirect URLs” section.

            3.3. In the url input area, write: https://localhost:17740/redirect. Then press “Create”.

            3.4. Now your Credential is created and you will receive client ID and Client Secret. Copy these two values in a secure place on your computer.

Now you have access to Google-API from API-AutoFlow. 

API AutoFlow Setup #

1. Installing Connector: 

You need to go to “Connectors” section from the left menu. Then search for one of the Google APIs that you want to use.

Then open the connector and press install.

2. Activate Server:

Go to “Settings | OAuth” section and click on the server link.

In the pop up window copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret.

3. Add Token:

In the “Settings | OAuth” section click on “Add Token” button.

In the pop up window “select server”, click on “Choose Scope” and select “first option”.

After pressing “OK”, you will be redirected to Google Account page. Select Your Account.  

Then press “Advanced” (This tutorial is based on FireFox Browser. You may see other views on another browser)

Then press “Go to some my social (unsafe)

Then you will asked to allow access. Press “Allow”. And now you are done.

If yo go to”Settings | OAuth” section and press “Check Token”.

In the pop up window, select OAuth Server, and press Check.

You will see your token is granted.  

*** you don’t need to do anything else. API AutoFlow automatically insert your token in the header of your API Requests to the Google Server

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