We’re excited to announce that Interactor® brand name is now an officially registered trademark of Pulzze Systems, Inc!

Interactor® being a noun describing the most fundamental function in any application “Interaction”, we are thrilled to be the only company who can associate the word with the brand name. When companies need to build an interactive application, name Interactor® will come to mind!

How did we come up with the name “Interactor”? 

  • The router is an abstraction of routing logic, Interator® is an abstraction of Interaction logic.
  • The router is a product for defining route in a network, Interactor® is a product for defining interaction in an application.

When the founders looked into how applications were built, they found that majority of the development effort was with creating various interactions between services. Having been part of abstraction of routing logic for various routers at Cisco and Brocade, they used the knowledge and experience to abstract the interaction logic into a configurable product. Hence came the name Interactor®.

To find out how Interactor® can be used for your application needs, please contact us for a free demo.