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Why people love Interactor

Fast and Easy

Users of AutoFlow have express anywhere between 15% to 80% faster development times. This translates directly to cost savings.

Hassle Free

Every release of Interactor is rigorously tested and used by top tier companies around the world for many years. Rest assure it will be up so you can be asleep.

Never any hidden costs

Calling a system integrator or dev shops can be intimidating and uncertain about over-pricing. Interactor being a vendor keep the pricing straight forward and honest.

Low Maintenance

A typical Software Development Life Cycle has 60% of the cost in maintenance.  Interactor users have expressed up to 70% saving in maintenance costs by using remote and GUI based maintenance features.

Access to Experts

There are many technologies involved in a project. Our experts are assigned for each customer to help with the solution architecture, development, and adjacent technologies.

Everything you need

From connectivity to data source, processing of data, applying complex computation, and publishing to the data consumers. Interactor has you covered.

Ongoing innovation

Technology changes faster than one can keep up.  Interactor delivers regular product updates to ensure you always have the latest, most secure, and greatest features capable of meeting your ongoing project needs.

Your success is Our success

We know that unless our customers succeed, we don’t either.  Our number one goal as a company is to make that happen and we are rigorously agile when it comes to helping customers solve problems.

ASK FOR AN No Obligation Quote

Go ahead and send what you need.  Our team of experts will guide you through exactly what you need and how much it will cost.

Make comparisons with other alternatives and see how Interactor can help you with your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial version of Interactor?

Yes. When you download API AutoFlow, it comes with a free developer license.

Only after you have tried the solution with the developer license, go ahead and purchase the commercial license that will open up commercial level support and calls-per-month.

Our Sales team will provide you with the help you need. Contact sales@interactor.com.

What's the difference between Developer vs. Enterprise license?

Developer license is for non-commercial use only and limited in the number of API calls-per-month.
A commercial license is needed to get support for your solution and API AutoFlow.

What's the difference between subscription and perpetual license?
  • A perpetual license is a one-time payment to own the license.
  • A subscription license is a yearly payment of a lower price.

Whether you have a fixed budget or a limited budget to get things started, AutoFlow prices are made to fit your needs.

How does the price compare with legacy API management products?

Most legacy API management vendors like Mulesoft, Google Apigee, Tibco, etc do not publish their prices.
Instead, it is highly customized for each customer use case with extras such as addons, plugins, usage-based charges, and more. That is why when it comes to getting a price from a legacy product company salesperson, it can get pretty nerve-racking. The quote often starts with 5 digits dollar figures and quickly escalates to 6 digits once the solution becomes complex.

For example, Apigee’s most basic plan with limited features and API calls start at $9,000 per month. A solution with a few hundred million calls-per-month can quickly become a few hundred thousand dollars cost.
In contract, API AutoFlow price stays constant at $100 per month ($1,200 per annum).

How does it compare with open source in pricing?

The community open source licenses are free, which is great. However, open-source enterprise licenses are a different story. To use the open source in an enterprise setting requires enterprise license, features, support, and tooling which can get pretty pricey. API gateways such as Kong, Tyke, NGNix all require companies to purchase the enterprise license.

For example, open-source API management Tyk’s enterprise basic plan starts at $450 per month and increases with usage. Even though it costs much less than legacy products, it is common for open source products to charge a few hundred thousand dollars.
In contract, API AutoFlow price stays constant at $100 per month ($1,200 per annum).

Why is API AutoFlow priced so competitive?

Up until a few years ago, the large enterprises were the primary users of APIs. It made sense for the API management products to charge high prices and leap maximum revenue from those few enterprise customers. That is why most API management products in the market today charge high prices.

Today, APIs have become a critical technology for almost all businesses. A product that is powerful enough to be used by large enterprises yet affordable for smaller companies was needed. This need resulted in the competitive pricing of API AutoFlow.

We are hoping that companies have an option other than being forced to fiddle around with an open-source code hoping to solve the problem, but instead delaying the product release and scrambling to hire more engineers.

Do you help with solution development? How much does it cost?

Yes. Solution development service is provided. The cost of the development is discussed in advance between you and the developer based on the scope of work.
In general, the overall cost is much lower compared with outsourcing the solution development. That is because using API AutoFlow, it takes substantially less time to develop a solution and product reliability minimizes the need for debugging and maintenance.

What support (maintenance) options are available and how much do they cost?

Two support services are provided

  • Product maintenance cost: starting at $540 per year
  • Solution maintenance cost: price determined based on the complexity and usage of the solution

An application built on a popular programming language such as JAVA, Javascript, or Python incur around 60% in maintenance cost throughout the software lifecycle.
In contract, API AutoFlow minimizes the maintenance cost by providing a reliable product that is rigorously tested and used by large enterprises.

Can I upgrade the license?

Yes. Upgrade can be done by purchasing the license from the website by pressing the GET LICENSE button or contact sales@interactor.com.

Roughly how much does it cost for a full deployment?

It depends on the size and complexity of the solution. But the price can be broken down into the following criteria:

  • API AutoFlow license: $1,200 per annum
  • Solution Development: $10,000 development team (duration 2 weeks)
  • Product support: $540 per annum (Silver tier)
  • Solution support: $2,000 per annum (Silver tier)
How are calls-per-month calculated?

The total number of API calls made to API AutoFlow for a given month is counted.

Do the calls-per-month pertain to all licenses?

No. Only developer license is limited in the number of calls.

Subscription and perpetual licenses do not have a limit. But the actual number of calls that the solution can process will depend on the hardware capacity and the complexity of the solution.

What happens when our usage exceeds our license limit?

There’s no usage limit with commercial license.

With developer license, exceeding the 1 million calls-per-month stops the processing of data until a commercial license is applied.

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