Boost Your Application with a Powerful Integration and Automation Engine

What is API AutoFlow?

The Backend for Enterprise Grade Integration and Automation

API AutoFlow is an agile, no-code platform that enables the quick design and deployment of API endpoints that provide access to your applications or enables you to quickly build simple and complex applications by stitching together API based services.

An API AutoFlow endpoint is an application that runs as a service in your cloud or on-prem environment.

You can build the components of an API endpoint using the visual editor or programmatically create using the JSON format supported by API AutoFlow. For information about the components used to build an API endpoint, see the sections below.
Getting started with API AutoFlow is easy, you will be able to deploy into your cloud environment or install locally, create a new API project, and run it directly from the visual editor.

To get started, see the API AutoFlow Getting Started Guide.

No Time? No Worries!

Over 3000+ Pre-made Connectors to Make Integration Fast and Easy

Cloud API Connectors

  • Azure (272 APIs)
  • Google (256 APIs)
  • Google (210 APIs)
  • eBay (20 APIs)
  • Microsoft (17 APIs)
  • Mastercard (14 APIs)
  • NYTimes (11 APIs)
  • Walmart (4 APIs)
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • SalesForce
  • Hubspot
  • Twitter

See the full list of 3000+ connectors


  • Webhook
  • AMQP
  • Kafka
  • MQTT
  • Redis
  • HTTP(S)
  • Radius
  • SMTP
  • Syslog
  • TCP
  • UDP


  • OS Command
  • File read/write


  • Postgres
  • MariaDB
  • Oracle

Others available on demand


  • Authentication Basic/Bearer
  • Authentication Decode/Encode
  • Authorization Decode/Encode
  • Data encryption / Decryption
  • Hash
  • Mac

Everyone can Develop Backend with No-Code

Transform Data, Automate Processes, Create and Utilize APIs

Simple drag and drop user experience that turns everyone into a developer.

  • Over 200 pre-made building blocks
    Actions for performing all the backend functions
  • Apply code and scripts
    Elixir code can be used for advanced features
  • Built-in performance
    CPU and memory optimization is built-in so you don’t have to worry about performance
  • Built-in reliability
    Made on micro-service and fault-tolerance architecture so your backend stays up all the time
  • Built-in scalability
    Made to be hardware agnostic.  Need more performance? Simply use a higher compute device or load balancer with high availability architecture