Cybersecurity Asset Intelligence and Observability Platform

Japan Radio Corp.

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While organizations own the right tools to secure their businesses, they have little insight into how these investments are deployed across the environments. JRC observability platform delivers converged asset inventory and health information by making sense of the data by measuring how well internal states of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs such as metrics, tracing, and logs.

JRC observability platform is built to be deployable on-premise, cloud, or hybrid configuration. By use of “smart agent”, hybrid cloud set up provides edge computing capabilities to apply low latency logic as well as pre-processing of data to reduce the data transmission and cloud costs that ultimate benefits the customer by lowering the ongoing budget.


  • Monitoring silos make it difficult to detect the failures timely and to identify and locate the cause of them
  • Integration challenges make data collection limited to major services
  • Observability tools mostly do not include the network infrastructure components.
JRC Observability Platform Problem


  • JRC is developing an Observability Platform that makes it easier to integrate and understand the real-time state of complex systems.
  • It covers both Software (OS, Virtual Machine, Container, API), Hardware(Server, Router/Switch, Backhaul), the network components, output of application and existing monitoring tools.
JRC Observability Platform Solution

Solution Architecture

JRC Observability Platform

Development Effort

Total Time: 

3 months


2 engineers

Business Benefits

Time Savings: 

3 months

Cost Savings: 


*Estimates based on a traditional development method

Products used

API AutoFlow Cloud
API AutoFlow On-premise

Services Subscribed

Development Services
Solution Support Services
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About the Customer

Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (“JRC”) a Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. company (TYO: 3105) is one of the largest marine communication equipment provider in the world. JRC is compromised of a group of communication technology companies specializing in the field of wireless electronics, marine electronics, telecommunication measuring equipment, radio broadcasting equipment, and amateur radio. Established in 1915, JRC has been providing communication technologies for over 100 years.

“We chose API AutoFlow because of their relentless focus on innovation, unmatched portfolio of capabilities, and proven record of rapidly developing successful products for customers. Throughout our storied history, JRC has had communication and innovation at our core, and now we look forward to applying API AutoFlow no-code development, advanced analytics, and high-performance data process across the company to deliver deeper insights and even more satisfying user experience.”

Yuji Kinoshita, General Manager – US San Jose Technical Development Center of JRC

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