Scheduled Email Sender

The Scheduled Email Sender is a solution that provides the ability to schedule mass emails for newsletters, automated campaigns and more.

About Open Solutions

These are open source solutions that anyone can download and use.  These solutions are worked-on and managed like an open source project by collaborators like you. If you want to join the solution planning or development, feel free to contact Peter at

Demo Video

Step 1: Start Server

Download the Solution [Open Source]

Download API AutoFlow

Follow the installation instructions on the download page to run API AutoFlow

Open the Terminal
1.Navigation to the downloaded folder and start API AutoFlow

$ Download/api_interactor/bin
$ ./api_interactor start

Open the Browser
2. Open up the browser to localhost:4000

Upload the configuration file config-scheduled-email-sender.json in the solution directory downloaded from GitHub

3. Start the four(4) “Servers”

Make sure the indicator on all the 4 servers turn green.

4. Start the “Scheduler”

IMPORTANT:  Only turn on the “Scheduler”, NOT the [Delay Send]

Note: Server and Timer start on reboot

  • Servers and timers starting on reboot is a licensed feature
  • Trial users need to manually start the necessary servers and timers.

Step 2: Compose and Send Email

1. Open index.html

Double click the index.html file to open the solution.

2. Setup SMTP

Note: Depending on the email provider, there may be additional settings that you need to do.

3. Load Email

Enter the path to your email_list.csv and press the [Load Email from CSV] button.

Preview the email list:  Press the [Preview Loaded Emails] button to check the email list loaded to the server.

4. Compose Email

Be sure to enter all the information and press the [Schedule Email] button.
You can edit the email after you have scheduled it.

Developer Guide

Source Code:   
Developer Video:

How can we make it better?

This is an open source solution.  Anyone can work on it to make it better.

  • Development: Developers who are able to work on the solution can contact to be included in the GitHub repository as a contributor
  • Product planning:  Marketers who are able to work on the solution can contact to be included in the solution planning meetings.

If you can’t commit to above, simple leave comments below with ideas and improvement suggestions.

What's been planned

  1. Last Run (backend done. Work on front end)
  2. Dynamic name inserts
  3. Email preview
  4. Email sent confirmation
  5. Image upload
  6. Multiple email scheduling
  7. Email Templates
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