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WHAT IS Interactor?

Interactor is a software platform that is used on-premise, cloud, or at the edge to process, analyze and orchestrate high volumes of data and events at ultra-high speeds.

  • Ultra small footprint: At < 60MBS, no other product on the market is smaller than Interactor with comparable features
  • Easy to use: No dependencies. No need for container, docker and built with DevOps in mind
  • High Performance: Vertically and horizontally on-demand field-scalable. Microsecond processing speed and latency
  • Data Freedom: Input, Output, Northbound, Southbound, East/West data interactions
  • Pervasive Edge Security: Authentication, Encryption, Hashing built-in. Admin control for the system and remote access
  • SLA: Edge that can guarantee uptime (no downtime) during software update or upgrade. Hot-swappable

What is unique about Interactor?


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  • Have a complex set of streaming data to process and handle?
  • Have a problem interfacing with a lot of devices and protocols?
  • Need to create an enterprise-grade application on-premise?

What Customers Are Saying About Interactor

Ben Chung, Center Manager,
Cisco Systems, Inc

Interactor is a simple and innovative solution for the industrial challenges that we all face today. But most importantly, this could be the most disruptive solution for the ever increasing complexity of moving toward “Digital World”


Woosuk Chang, Chief Engineer,
Panasonic America

“Interactor was chosen by us due to its easiness in handling any protocol and ability to build solutions quickly. Since Panasonic has many devices with new products constantly being developed, having a multi-protocol way of getting all our products working with each other is a must have technology”


Frank Yu, Executive Assistant to General Manager,
MacroBlock .Inc

“After doing plenty of research, and testing many technologies, we have found Interactor to be the best in solving the IoT interaction problem