Interactor – what is it ?

Interactor unifies software development, deployment, and management into a single, lightweight event-driven platform. With a footprint under 100MB, it is small enough to serve as intelligent Web/IoT/API gateway running on free ec2 amazon instance or micro linux hardware.

Interactor constitutes a lightweight abstraction layer that mitigates the need to write custom code for application infrastructure. In addition, Interactor features a declarative language that simplifies the process of building event-driven apps to the bare minimum. For example, creating a web API from scratch and running binary-transformations logic on incoming data takes less than half a dozen lines of English-like declarations.

Interactor elevates individual developer’s experience in creating novel applications. Built on top of Erlang framework, Interactor has pre-built components that can be used and extended to build your custom application relatively fast. Using Interactor’s concise declarative notations, developers benefit from concepts of Functional Programming without mastering it and yet create production ready software with built-in error-handling, debugging and audit features. These features also help deployment and operation leaders to have complete visibility into the inner working for applications built on Interactor.