Need for custom applications

Current movements in tech such as AI, IoT, and Big Data are making significant changes to how we do business. AI with its intelligence, IoT with its hyper connectivity, and Big Data with its handling of data at rest, are all providing new capabilities to enable meaningful change.

However, one observation from the above movement is the fact that they all rely on our ability to use these new capabilities to solve our business challenges. It means building custom applications to make use of the AI services or engine, to make use of the increasing number of connected devices and sensors, to make sense of all the data at rest hosted with various Big Data solutions, or more often, to join these new capabilities together.

Nic Poulos at Bowery Capital talks about the custom apps market that grew from 2011 to 2015 in his post, referring to a Forrester report. I would like to add that the growth in custom application market is in line with the growth in new technologies such as AI, IoT, DevOps and Big Data market. They are all heavily dependent on creating custom applications to extract value out of their new capabilities.

Ability to create custom application faster, cheaper, and better is becoming a key differentiator in tackling new market transitions such as AI, IoT, DevOps, and Big Data.

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