Connectivity and Data Mapping in Real-Time

Networks are complex today. With 5G technology networks are becoming even more complicated. Many Service Providers worldwide have already started deploying 5G. Compared to 4G, 5G is no longer about connecting mobile phones or tablets. This time it is all about the explosion of connected devices that require very low latency, massive bandwidth, and secure and reliable network connectivity. With 5G, IoT is also expanding and becoming a transformative force across the industry. With this transformation, Edge Computing becomes a necessity.

5G, IoT and Edge Computing together are driving an adoption towards high performing and always connected networks. There is already significant demand for solutions that are capable of handling extreme resource constraint environment within network premise, network edge, or any centralized location.

Interactor is a unique and proven Edge Compute and Automation platform with all required capabilities, including many built-in functions.

Additionally, Interactor offers programmability, scalability, abstraction, easy deployment and maintainability. These are vital requirements for such advanced solutions.

Interactor’s highly scalable Connectivity and Mapping function is a crucial enabler for any service provider’s network transformation and readiness for IoT and 5G.