AI based Call Center

Intelligent agent assistant for better customer service

One of the top pain points in customer contact center is insufficiency of cross-departmental collaboration to handle out complicated customer’s requests. Even though AI secretary mostly figures out customer’s intentions, but sometimes a human agent should intervene to the conversation between AI secretary and customer for completeness. It needs integration with contact center client’s various type of data bases, CRM, and their own management systems that process different data formats each by each. Interactor can play a key role in real-time data ingestion, data transformation, and information delivery to the human agent’s desktop with no delay. This call center product solution is a continuing work from the AI based call router, and it became ready for deploying together in your company.

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1 week / 2 engineer


Integration with other companies’ solutions is still time and labor intensive. In particular, AI enabled products are ready, but there are many types of existing systems for years in your company. Obviously, a call center with an AI function is needed nowadays, but the cost and time are dissatisfied by letting your development team do all together in short.


Using existing system data unchanged and interworking with new AI system, Interactor is able to provide more accurate and relevant information to call center agent. Interactor changes the way you develop your custom applications and quickly implement the exact logics you need in your business.


  • AI solution component: IBM Watson Conversation & Tone Analyzer
  • Telephony service: Twilio
  • Interactor on Cloud: IBM Bluemix
  • http servers: Running on Interactor
  • UI front-end for AI enabled call center agent assistant
  • Chat bot same as AI call center: Cisco Spark
  • Other services: Custom REST APIs by Interactor


All these steps from the development stage to the subsequent management after deploy are important. Even if it has very much complicated business logics between components, Interactor’s declarative backend provides envisioning data flows in ease. Developers using Interactor can get high efficiency in upgrading their solutions in terms of time and cost.


Interfacing: Interactor® is installed in IBM Bluemix to interface with various vendor solutions and handle different protocols and data formats.
Application Logic: Solution logic is configured directly on the Interactor®. There’s no additional coding needed, but only Interactor in declarative way. Custom APIs were made for actions of Twilio functions, and services for Watson API calls.
Maintenance: Project had to go through many iterations. Since Interactor® is configuration based, changes are applied with a few commands, bypassing the software development life cycle.
Physical connection: Twilio, IBM Watson, and Client’s data base and systems are accessed via IP network, and Interactor on IBM Bluemix is managing all interface connections.