Industrial IoT #1

Data normalization and aggregation at scale

Among the most talked in Industrial IOT, there are data normalization and aggregation. The real problem is that if new sensors need to be added and they are emitting various data formats, you cannot avoid the necessity of re-developing the solution and launching it again. Let’s solve this problem more easily by using Interactor. Because it is a declarative backend, you can handle the data integration process and check the results in runtime. Especially minimized system downtime less than 1 second will be one of the key elements in your Industrial IOT solution.


3 days / 1 engineer


Different types of industrial sensors are generating data in different formats. And, the communication protocol of each sensor is also various. This is a reality. Even when you have to add other types of new sensors to the solution once made, will your development team stop the current task and proceed with this? How soon can you finish these data ingestion work in every time?


Interactor gives you easiness in developing Industrial IoT solutions and also in maintaining. The important thing is to provide scalability with stability by design of Interactor. There are no differences from the POC stage to the actual deployment one from Interactor point of view, and it brings your business to start in quick and sustain in long.


  • Data normalization & aggregation: @Interactor
  • Database: MachBase
  • Web server for UI: @Interactor
  • Web socket server: @Interactor
  • Chart/Graphic: Plotly
  • Protocol used: TCP, UDP, MQTT, HTTP, WebSocket
  • Data format normalized: Plain text, JSON, Binary into JSON


All these steps from the development stage to the subsequent management are important. Through Interactor which is an unified software product, it is easy and reliable to upgrade the solution even after a new application and sensors are added in the future.


Interfacing: Interactor® is installed in a MacBook to interface with various sensors and handle different protocols and data formats. Also, sensors data are inserted in realtime to MachBase database using TCP connection.
Application Logic: Solution logic is configured directly on the Interactor®. There’s no additional coding needed, but only Interactor in declarative way. Interfaces for sensors, services for data normalization and aggregation, and also for querying and inserting data into database were made.
Maintenance: Project had to go through many iterations. Since Interactor® is configuration based, changes are applied with a few commands, bypassing the software development life cycle.
Physical connection: Sensors are connected via IP network using different protocols, and Interactor is managing all interface connections throughout the application logic built.