Smart City

Adapting to people and their environment

City of Songdo, west of Seoul is a metropolis built with a purpose. To become one of the world’s first “smart cities” aimed entirely at connected technologies. More than a decade and $35 billion later, Songdo is booming with high-rises and sparkling skylines. Street lights change brightness based on the surrounding, public transport is on time, and trash trucks no longer roam the streets (underground trash removal). Cisco has been at the forefront of providing the latest technologies to this Smart City.

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3 days / 1 engineer


City of Songdo, west of Seoul, South Korea launched a smart city project. Work was to create smart street using designated vendor products with different protocols and data format. Everything had to run on premise.


Songdo is renowned for its smart city initiatives. It provides comfortable and safe living conditions for its residents. Better working and living conditions attracts many companies to establish business in Songdo.


  • Smart Light: Serialized Java Object
  • Surveillance Camera: Hex
  • Emergency Button: Plain text
  • IoT Gateway
  • Other services: Mostly through REST API


Local Systems Integrator (SI) quoted 5 engineers for 6 weeks for the project. Cisco, using Interactor® was able to build the solution with 1 engineer in 1 week. Interactor reduced the development cost by 30% and time by 80% required in integrating multiple technologies together.


Interfacing: Interactor® is installed in IR829 to interface with various vendor devices and handle different protocols and data formats.
Applying Logic: Solution logic is configured directly on the Interactor®. There’s no additional coding needed. Logic such as changing brightness of the light when pedestrian or vehicle approach (energy saving & safety), Alert and flashing street light when emergency button is pressed were configured on the Interactor®
Maintenance: Project had to go through many iterations. Since Interactor® is configuration based, changes are applied with a few commands, bypassing the software development life cycle.
Physical connection: Cisco’s IoT gateway (Cisco IR829) is used to connect the devices via IP network.