Log Ingester is made for network and firewall administrators to centralize traffic log archiving. Exporting from Splunk, ElasticSearch or directly ingesting as a Syslog server, Log Ingester simplifies the acquisition of the traffic logs by providing pre-built connectors for many devices. Ingested traffic logs are simultaneously mapped, transformed, and correlated for consumption by applications such as Expedition.

Gain Insights from Traffic Logs Faster

Transforming data to a uniform format for easy consumption


Push the transformed traffic log data to Expedition or route to any other destination. Log Ingester gives you the flexibility to unlock applications that utilize traffic logs.


Ingested logs from different vendor devices are transformed and mapped to the destination applications’ data format. No coding involved. Simply select the originating device and desired output. Log ingester dynamically transforms and prepares the traffic logs regardless of format or complexity.


Log Ingester can be set up as a Syslog server or export traffic log data via API call from Splunk or ElasticSearch.


  • Maintain inventory of all connected devices
  • Keep on top of the status of each device
  • Alert when device or data source is down or unreachable
  • Capture logs before and after transformation


Log Ingester has connectors pre-built for most network and firewall devices. For a device that requires a new connector, consult Interactor professional services team who in average can deliver a new connector within a few days.


Performance: On an average 1U server, Log Ingester can process up to 8,000 transactions per second (TPS)
Scalability: TPS can be dramatically increased by using more number or higher performing hardware. Log ingesters can also be distributed at the data sources’ geographical locations to process and minimize data before transmitting over the WAN
High Availability (HA): Load balancer and dynamic VM controller are used to provide HA


Access Control: Log Ingester comes with industry standard security, including access control, user roles, and event management.
Data Security: Log Ingester support most encryption and hashing methods. Input data can be decrypted, and outgoing data from Log Ingester can be encrypted or hashed over the wires.
Reliability: Built on microservice architecture, Log ingester is fault-tolerance. If a connector happens to fail, it does not impact other connectors or processes.