Telecom Factory Edge Computing

Protocol Translation  |  Data Transformation  |  Automation

Industrial Edge

Industrial Edge Computing Made Easy

Edge Gateway is an Edge Computing platform that translates machine languages into system readable formats and vise versa.

Software is comprised of pre-installed industrial protocols, data models, security, automation, and customizable data/protocol parser + mapper for fast and easy integration.

Hardware is an industrial gateway with expandable interface slots. The gateway is ruggedized ideal for harsh manufacturing environments.

Packaging is available as a software-only package or hardware + software bundle.

Unique Value Proposition

What business value can you drive when it’s easier for machines and systems to work with each other?

  • Easier to administrator disparate systems and devices
  • Make data accessible and consumable by more users
  • Savings in data storage and data transmission
  • Faster solutions delivery using pre-built services and solutions
  • Better analytics by ingesting more data to the AI and ML
  • Improved Systems security by only sending required data to the cloud
  • Real-time data visualization and analytics provided by ultra-low latency edge computing
  • Accelerated growth and innovation with actionable data from more sources