What’s Built-in & What can you Configure in?

Everything you would expect from an Enterprise-grade Software + More

Supporting Rich Set of Protocols + Data Formats + Logic

Service Types

  • HTTP(S) Server / Client
  • WS(S) Server / Client
  • TCP Server / Client
  • SSL Server / Client
  • UDP Server / Client
  • SSH Client
  • MQTT Client
  • ModBus
  • OPC-UA (Partial Support)
  • oneM2M (TBD)
  • CoAP (TBD)
  • DDS (TBD)
  • AMQP (TBD)
  • * Customer specific protocols built using the Protocol Builder (Parser)

Data Formats

  • JSON
  • XML
  • Text
  • Binary
  • Byte
  • Bit
  • Hex
  • * Customer specific data formats

Other Procotols, Data Formats and Security

Note that support for other less commonly used protocols and data formats is configured into Interactor in a timeframe of a few weeks to months.


  • AES
  • DES
  • RSA
  • Custom Encryption
  • MD5
  • SHA
  • Custom Hashing


Benefits of Using Interactor

On top of all the built-in components, Interactor® by default comes with 360-degree visibility features to make your solution easy to manage and maintain for production readiness.

Speed – Build and Deploy Solutions Quickly

  • Save time and reduce complexity with our declarative language
  • Deploy anywhere with our lightweight solution container
  • Isolate faults and improve flexibility with our microservices architecture

Control – Maintain Control of Your Deployment

  • Eliminate downtime with runtime modifications
  • Create fault-tolerant solutions with event-driven framework
  • Secure your deployment with administrative capabilities

Visibility – Gain Visibility Into Your Operations

  • Own the state of execution with viewable in-memory data
  • Understand your solution execution with our built-in logging framework
  • Optimize your deployment with detailed performance statistics

What can be done using Interactor?

Create Edge Solutions – As simple as you want or as complex as you need

Watch how Interactor is used to build a simple Edge solution

  • Interface Management
  • Event Orchestration & Device Control
  • Data Transformation
  • Create Devise Management
  • Build API Management
  • Visualize data from disparate sources

Compatible with Most Gateways and Servers