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ThingsExpo Silicon Valley

Interactor will be at @Cloud Expo | @ThingsExpo Silicon Valley Come join AI + IoT demo with IBM on November 1st, 2:30 pm and @ Pulzze Systems, Inc Booth Number 421. Oct 31-Nov 2, 2017: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA. In a demonstration with IBM, Interactor will be demonstrating how to integrate 6 […]

Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things with Interactor

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are being talked about more and more in many industries. It is now an inevitable fact that AI and IoT will be prominent in most companies within a few years. But what does it take to create a successful AI and IoT story in […]

Interactor – what is it ?

Interactor unifies software development, deployment, and management into a single, lightweight event-driven platform. With a footprint under 100MB, it is small enough to serve as intelligent Web/IoT/API gateway running on free ec2 amazon instance or micro linux hardware. Interactor constitutes a lightweight abstraction layer that mitigates the need to write custom code for application infrastructure. […]


We’re excited to announce that Interactor® brand name is now an officially registered trademark of Pulzze Systems, Inc! Interactor® being a noun describing the most fundamental function in any application “Interaction”, we are thrilled to be the only company who can associate the word with the brand name. When companies need to build an interactive application, name Interactor® will […]

What’s needed for IoT to become the next Big Thing?

Internet, since its inception, has remained one of the greatest inventions by mankind and has certainly been a big thing for last several decades. The concept of interconnected network of computers followed by perennial digitization of data and communication has undoubtedly transformed the way we live, work and relate to each other. As the internet […]

“Interactor”, why did we built it?

Based on market feedback, Internet of Things (IoT/IoX) requirements originate from multiple sources which differ in perspectives. Bottlenecks arise because product expectations are not expressed consistently and quantitatively. They are fuzzy at the beginning and change throughout the development process. Additionally, IoT solutions are heavily dependent on many services to co-operate seamlessly. Lack of standards […]

Cloud (Things) Expo – booth# 331

Come meet the @interactorteam at Cloud (Things) Expo – booth# 331 Are you in New York during June 6th-8th? June 6th, 2017, we are excited to be presenting our product and technology at ThingsExpo 2017. What’s showing at the event? Challenge: Build IoT solution in 5 minutes.Based on the discussion with attendees, we will demonstrate how […]

Interactor Award IoT Challenge Winner at MITRE

Pulzze Systems, Inc. has scooped the first runner up award at the MITRE Internet of Things (IoT) Challenge thanks to its research on End Point Detection technology. May 24, 2017, Pulzze Systems, Inc (Pulzze) was felicitated at MITRE Tysons Corner, VA office and acknowledged for its innovation on addressing a key security issue inherent in […]

Interactor at IoT World 2017

From May 16 to 18, 2017, Pulzze Interactor was shown at IoT World 2017 in Santa Clara convention center. Interactor team brought various demonstrations interacting with sensors, smart lights, camera, and our partner’s visualizer.And also Pulzze’s Endpoint Detector technology and capabilities were shown at Department of Homeland Security show case. We would like to thank […]

Interactor selected for The Smart Technology Trade Mission by US Department of Commerce

Pulzze Systems was selected for The Smart Technology Trade Mission by Department of Commerce, US Government.The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA), is organizing a Trade Mission to Taiwan and Hong Kong, with an optional stop in Guangzhou (China), focused on Smart Technologies in the Information and Communication Technology Sector on April […]