What’s Built-in & What can you Configure in?

The Interactor software stack is composed of all the components and microservices necessary for Edge solutions.
It works heterogeneously to any IoT and Cloud Platforms and facilitates the interoperability of the IoT and Service Provider solution with existing enterprise applications and other IoT devices.

Technology Difference

Science of abstraction of interaction logic & modeling

Research was funded by National Science Foundation & Department of Homeland Security
Interactor® holds the patent (pending) in Application Interaction Logic Infrastructure and Run Time Self-modification

Abstracted and Modeled
into a Configurable Product

A simple example that shows how Interactor can simplify complex edge solutions

Configuration vs. Coding

Here is a video of a comparison to build a TCP connection

  • Connectors & interfaces are formed by simple commands, rather than lengthy code development
  • Rapid prototyping with edge solutions being built in minutes, not days or months
  • No downtime for system upgrade, update and management
  • Self-configurable: an ability to morph based on data
Configuration simply instructs an application on what needs to be done,
instead of telling it step-by-step how to do things through imperative languages.

Unique Values

Fast and Flexible Protocol Support

  • Create custom protocol support through logic configuration. Ideal for small protocol specs and non-standard protocols
  • Installable protocol support while Interactor is running. Ideal for standard protocols. Expect to take 1-2 weeks for most protocols for the Interactor team to develop. Larger specifications could take longer
  • Configurable protocol builder within Interactor. Ideal for any protocol that needs to be supported through configuration only

Solution Management and Support

  • Update solutions at the edge without downtime. Edge compute logic can be changed without bringing it down. Ideal for critical infrastructure deployment
  • Update protocol and solution at the edge without downtime. Interactor does not need to have all the components for the solution such as protocols supported at the edge. Only the required protocols can be installed to make sure it stays light
  • Device management of Interactor devices

Device simulation

  • Simulate any device and data behavior through configuration. Ideal for custom protocol development, platform and data solutions testing

Service API

  • Protocol flexible API. Provides Service API at the edge as well as in the cloud. Ideal for users creating solutions at edge

Analytics at edge

  • Real-time data handling and analysis. Logic-based analysis. Ideal for real-time analysis and control at the edge
  • Custom analytical models built by the Interactor team. Normally expect 1-2 weeks. Larger analytical models may take more time
  • Modeling and analytical models can be installed much like the protocol support. Ideal for heavy analytical computing at the edge