API Hosting

API Eliminates Data and Application Silos

"Fast growing WebApp companies have everything built around APIs. We are bringing that growth potential by modernizing the legacy systems and infrastructure."
Engineering Leader, Jason Monore

US Hospital Providing APIs for Customers and Partners

Whether the need arisen from compliance, business, or security, APIs can now be created and managed easily by non-technical teams.
API AutoFlow provides the security, HTTP(S) server, and endpoints to easily host your APIs.
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API Generation & Management

Instantly create secure REST APIs Unlimited number of API creation Unlimited number of data volume Role based access control Built-in API testing Integrations to 3,000 services.

API Integrations Built-in integrations with databases, messaging bus, web applications.

WDatabases: MSSQL, Postgres, Oracle, MariaDB, and more
Clients: AMQP, Webhook, Kafka, MQTT, Redis, HTTP(s), SMTP, Syslog, TCP, UDP FIles, JSON, XML, and more
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Advanced API Security

Instantly apply industry leading authentication to reinforce your API security within your existing identity management systems.
OAuth, OpenID, Active Directory, ELK Stack, Okta, SAML
Encryption: AES, Blowfish, DES, RC2-4
Hash: SHA, Blake, RipeMD, MD
Mac: SHA, AES, Blowfish, DES, MD, Poly’, RC2

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