Financial network, E2E backend solution, blockchain based payment system

Integration for Banks and Financial Institutions

How API AutoFlow is used in Fintech

Fintech Integration

Integration with fintech APIs such as Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, Banks APIs, and more. Payment processing APIs expand the payment options merchants can accept.

Data Collection

Integrate data from various sources quickly. Filtering, processing, and analyzing the data in real-time to provide insight.


Clients want to automate manual processes and improve visibility. With powerful data integration, you can create observability of the whole financial landscape.

Peer-to-Peer Programs

Newer uses for P2P include APIs that facilitate currency exchange, resulting in lower costs for all involved, and lending programs that let investors loan money.

Investment Management

Providing access to portfolio information of individuals for financial advisors and brokers to manage clients' assets and net worth from a variety of sources.

Regulation & Security

APIs to confirm that the customers are who they claim to be. Regtech APIs range from biometric identification such as a fingerprint to Know Your Client verification programs.

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Why you should consider Fintech

  • Regulations like PSD2 give the competition access to key data
  • Cloud is forcing costs and security to the limits
  • Country- and region-specific regulations add barriers to scale
  • Like telcos in the 2000s, the API revolution is changing who you compete with

Changing Financial Markets

No doubt, the financial industry is going through disruption by fintech. Regulations like PSD2 add to the challenge of serving clients across borders. And challenger banks with slim cost structures
lure away customers. Virtualized API integration is the foundation for
innovative digital products and internal efficiencies.

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