Healthcare Use Cases

HIPAA compliant API services for legacy databases and applications
  • Connecting with physicians and patients
  • Streamlining healthcare operations
  • Support for HL7 and MLLP

How API AutoFlow is used in MedTech

Connecting the patent and research data

APIs can make it easier to interactwith your target audience.

  • A healthcare company enabling web and mobile access to diagnostic apps.
  • A research institution searching for new ways to connect with physicians and patients.
  • A hospital or healthcare practice that wants to provide faster, more up-to-date patient information.
Develop private APIs for use by its employees.

Develop private APIs for use by its employees.

  • APIs that facilitated record sharing with other hospitals and medical offices.
  • Allow hospital staff to focus on patient care, rather than paperwork.
  • Doctors and nurses easily access government and research data.
  • Interact with major insurance providers to prevent billing errors.

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Challenges healthcare companies face

A cocktail of new technologies

Healthcare environments are an ever more complicated mix of technologies, systems, applications. These legacy systems become ever more inefficient, in part because they are often not interoperable with newer technologies. A healthcare company that depends on such legacy systems has to make them work together through APIs.

Lack of access to engineering

When developing APIs, a lack of access to effective tools for designing, testing, and monitoring is a challenge. Tools available are either expensive, ecosystem confined, or limited in features.

These are critical factors in the development of well-crafted, engaging APIs that will be widely adopted.

Simplifying API integration, design, and development

API AutoFlow offers healthcare providers and other healthcare companies easy-to-implement solutions for API integration and development. It’s one platform that any organization — in any industry — can use to design, build, secure, monitor, and manage APIs. The platform offers a number of valuable components — such as Healthcare APIs integration and Data Transformation — that make it easy to share information across applications, services, and systems — on-premises and in the cloud.

API AutoFlow Connectors enable instant API connectivity to some of the most popular healthcare applications and services. For example, a healthcare company can rapidly connect and integrate accounting, billing, marketing, and other workflow applications and systems. API AutoFlow Platform for APIs offers tools to support you at every step in the development and implementation of APIs.

API Design

The graphical nature of API AutoFlow facilitates the better design of APIs.

As a result, the platform facilitates close collaboration between API and app developers throughout the API lifecycle. As soon as an API developer designs an API, application developers can interact with it, test it, provide feedback, and document potential use cases — all in a single design environment. This close collaboration ensures the APIs' widespread adoption, improvement, and inspires app developers to engage.

API Hosting and Publishing

API AutoFlow takes the deployment guesswork out of the CI/CD. To ensure that it performs well, API AutoFlow can be deployed in a wide range of high availability environments including Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud, and on-premise.

API Development

Getting the APIs up and running requires more than the design. By leveraging API AutoFlow's proven, trusted runtime, API AutoFlow allows you to rapidly build the APIs. Drag and drop builder makes it easy and fast to create the solution you need.

API Management and Monitoring

API AutoFlow provides the tools to monitor and manage APIs and the application developers who use them. Provide access control to API consumers with control access, establish SLAs or throttle calls to API endpoints.

Dashboard analytics make it easy to monitor usage, compliance with SLAs, and overall API performance.

API AutoFlow makes it easy for healthcare providers and healthcare-focused companies to design, develop, implement, monitor, and manage successful APIs. API AutoFlow Platform gives healthcare providers a powerful way to leverage the useful patient and research data that are already being stored in their internal systems.

Learn how API AutoFlow can help hospitals, healthcare systems, insurers, and life sciences companies drive innovation in healthcare.

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