Smart factoryautomation,
and data collection.


Hybrid Cloud Industrial & Factory IoT System

API AutoFlow combines the low latency edge computing with a high availability cloud platform. The strength
of the API AutoFlow industrial edge computing is in the flexibility of protocol handling, support for a wide
range of PLCs, and the ability to process high volumes of data on-premise. As a result, EdgeHubi customers
enjoy a reduction in cloud costs, faster production speed, and higher data security.
  • Data overload → Upload delays, High data
    transmission costs.
  • Cloud latency → Factory devices wait for cloud
  • Cloud reliant → Production dependent on cloud
  • Seamless collaboration between IT and OT
  • Real-time control through reduced data transmission and processing
  • Edge pre-processing → Reduced data transmission
    and cloud load
  • Production continues regardless of cloud availability

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