Scale larger and faster with App Marketplace platform

App Marketplace benefits
  • Pre-built third party API integrations
  • Standardized interface per service category makes it easy to integrate similar Apps
  • Built-in OAuth and Key management
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App Marketplace

Turn-key solution to add App marketplace into your application

SaaS businesses are adding an App marketplace to expand capabilities and attract users. Interactor AMPaaS is a turn-key app marketplace platform that accelerates the integration by providing 'authentication management' and pre-built standardized 'App integrations' for each app category.

Customer Use Case

Everything we needed to bring App Marketplace to our application

Implementing a handful API integration is not hard.
But, when building an App Marketplace with large number of App support, a dedicated team is needed. For SWIT, the existing App marketplace that took years to build was replaced with Interactor App Marketplace platform in less than a month.

App Integrations

Integrate easily with internal and third-party APIs using 3,000+ pre-built connectors Create your own connectors and share with your team

Why use App Marketplace Platform?

Developing integrations for a few APIs is easy.

Building a scalable App Marketplace requires a strong platform that can support many Apps integrations.

Your Application deserves better.

Homegrown vs. App Marketplace Platform

Most likely App Marketplace is not your core business. Then why spend your precious resources in a non-core yet high resource development?
App Marketplace Platform
Average time to integrate new App
1 day
1 month ~ 3 months
Average time to integrate similar App
1 hour
1 month ~ 3 months
Pre-integrated Apps
3,000 +
Engineer dependent
Infrastructure to support many apps
Engineer dependent
OAuth and Key management
Need to develop and manage
Code duplication
Every engineer has thier own style of coding
Standardized interface for frontend developers
Depends on the architect and ability for engineers to follow