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Interactor Technology

Accelerating Interaction of Things and People
US-patented Technology for abstracting interaction logic&modeling
What’s Built-in & What can you Configure in?
The Interactor software stack is composed of all the components and microservices necessary.
It works heterogeneously to any IoT and Cloud Platforms and facilitates the interoperability of the IoT and Service Provider solution with existing enterprise applications and other IoT devices.

Interactor technology is the engine

Did you know, Interactor is the engine that runs many data driven products in diverse industries

API AutoFlow

LSE EdgeHub

JRC ObservEasy


Technology Difference
Science of abstraction of interaction logic & modeling

Research was funded by National Science Foundation & Department of Homeland Security Interactor® holds the patent in Application Interaction Logic Infrastructure and Run Time Self-modification.

Technology Difference
Science of abstraction of interaction logic & modeling

Configuration vs. Coding
Configuration simply instructs an application on what needs to be done, instead of telling it step-by-step how to do things through imperative languages.
  • Connectors & interfaces are formed by simple drag-n-drop, rather than lengthy code development
  • Rapid prototyping being built in minutes, not days or months
  • No downtime for system upgrade, update and management
  • Self-configurable: an ability to morph based on data

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