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If you are a first-timer, or an existing user who wants help from a new expert or help in a new category, click Get Help and submit the request form to initiate an instant request. API AutoFlow Help broadcasts your request to all experts who are available. Any expert who matches your criteria and feels confident about offering you the correct solution can accept your request.

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Tell us what kind of help you need. Summarize your issue and add tags, such as the project type and platform you’re developing for. Make sure to set your maximum budget and select a convenient time to connect with an expert. After you submit your request, we’ll match you with an expert who matches your criteria.

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Select a date and time slot for your session. You can set the project as a single session or based on the project. Before committing to anything, you need to fill in your billing information. You won’t be charged until you complete your session.

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When the time for your appointment comes, you’ll be connected in a shared interactive workspace. There you’ll be able to communicate through audio-video chat, share your screen, and edit your code using a text editor.

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