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Every SaaS and mobile app CEOs want integrations with more third-party services for the users.

One simple API to integrate with thousands of services

Secret on how fast-growing companies are supporting so many service integrations.


Take the API tour or watch the video to find out more about how Interactor engine takes care of the service integration and token management

Trusted by the top industry leaders worldwide

Native App Integrations

Look and feel same as integrations built by your developers

  • Minimal engineering resources
  • Fast time to market
  • More apps and services

OAuth & Token Management

Powerful Token Management Feature for Your Platform.

  • Simple to get the OAuth link
  • Backend to save and manage token
  • Token refreshed automatically

Why native app integrations are important

Stop sending users to other services

Using external integration service like Zapier may seem like a good idea at first. But users are leaving your product.

User retention through stickiness

Providing integration natively in your product keeps users from going to other services and increase retention

Accelerates user acquisition

Users are more likely to pay for products that support integrations to the services they are already using

Globalization of your product

Product that works well with local services have a better chance of succeeding in the region

Satisfied Customers

Hear what our customers have to say about our Interactor

Ben Chung

Center Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc

Simple and innovative solution. So quick and easy to provide third-party app integrations for our users

Woosuk Chang

Chief Engineer, Panasonic America

Best integration solution in the market. Helps Panasonic products used by more customers

Yuji Kinoshita

Vice President, Japan Radio, Co.,

Our observability product's user automation and integration is built using Interactor.

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Peter Jung

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