Live Training Service

In-person or Online

In-person : (US) Bay Area, Indiana, (Sweden) Stockholm , (S.Korea) Seoul


Start your adventure by learning the way you want.

Learn at your own pace with learning sessions designed just for you, take classes taught by Interactor experts, deploy in product, and get answers from fellow Interactor experts in our community.

3-sessions to Success

Hear what our customers have to say about Interactor

Interactor fundamentals

Fuel sales with go-to-market opportunities that amplify your brand exposure and generate qualified leads

Session 1
Build Production Ready Integration

Gain certification in customer data infrastructure and Interactor’s software to better serve potential customers.

Session 2
How to Scale Your Project

Work with a dedicated partner team for sales support, co-marketing initiatives, and proofs of concepts.

Session 3


Get on-demand lessons from verified Interactorcommunity experts

Step 1
Book a lesson

Book a date and time slot for your session. You can choose the lesson to be held online or in-person.

Step 2
Arrange a payment

Average cost of Interactor training is US$5,000. Price differ based on the location.

Step 3
Start the sessions

Once the payment is confirmed, instructor sends the training material.