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Interactor is a award winning technology founded in 2014 by David Jung, Cisco architect who designed software powering industry leading routers.

At the Internet networking company Cisco, David developed packet forwarding software. The software was built to run routers at full-duplex throughput of up to 322 Tera bit per second. Having built such high performance connectivity products, he started questioning why no such product exists for application-layer interactions. Everything after connectivity still had to be coded or rely on cloud platforms. Inspired by the challenge, a company was started to create a product that makes integrating applications and services simple for all.

Early research was funded by the US Department and Homeland Security and National Science Foundation. The technology was commercialized through partnerships with global partners including Cisco networks, IBM, Panasonic, and LG industrial systems.

Interactor is the product that enables solution builders with great ideas to offer integrations to other services in a flexible, scalable, and high performing way.

Today, we have offices and partners across the US, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

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One integration technology proven to perform in wide range of industries and use cases


Interactor 6.0

Native App Integration Platform for SaaS

Service integration platform for SaaS and mobile app companies to provide third-party apps natively for the users


API Autoflow

No-code API Platform

In support of US telecom companies, Interactor developed an API-first no-code application backend.


Interactor 4.0

Factory Integration & Automation

To transform LS Electrical (formerly LG Industrial systems) from a hardware company into a software driven revenue business, LSE used Interactor 4.0 to offer LSE's own industrial software product EdgeHub.


Interactor 2.0

Internet of Things (IoT)
Smart City Hub

In partnership with Cisco System, Interactor 2.0 provided integration hub for cities around the world including Songdo South Korea and Singapore.

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Serve others rather than being served. Make everyone we engage successful.

Selfless Love

None biased show of care and compassion to people that need them the most.

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People are priceless. Everyone has an equal potential to grow and provide impact

Satisfied Customers

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Ben Chung

Center Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc

Simple and innovative solution. So quick and easy to provide third-party app integrations for our users

Woosuk Chang

Chief Engineer, Panasonic America

Best integration solution in the market. Helps Panasonic products used by more customers

Yuji Kinoshita

Vice President, Japan Radio, Co.,

Our observability product's user automation and integration is built using Interactor.

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