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Network World Magazine features Interactor is the top 10 "AI-powered IOT"

Peter Jung
May 22, 2018
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IDG a leading market research and advisory firm published an article where Interactor was recognized as one of “AI-powered IoT” Hot 10 startups.

AI comes in many different shapes and forms.  Models change and business applications evolve.  How does your solution accommodate to the growing pains?  

Interactor was voted as a hot 10 AI-powered IoT startup for enabling companies to apply the latest AI technologies at the edge without any lengthy deployment effort.

Interactor acts as small-footprint IoT gateway that sits between edge devices and the cloud. Interactor abstracts all of the components and microservices needed for technologies to interact and/or integrate with one another into a small (about 50MB) executable.  

IDG recognizes Interactor as Hot AI-powered IoT Startup

Using Interactor, developers and operators can easily integrate the AI of their choice and apply the intelligence closer to the devices for faster response times. Interactor IoT edge software can be run on any IoT gateway or server, and it includes pre-packaged device configurations, security and authentication, messaging, device visibility, logging and error handling.