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We help rapidly expand the number of 3rd party API integrations to your platform

  • Over 3,000+ built-in connectors to popular SaaS services 
  • Graphical user interface based logic builder
  • Create APIs to publish your data & service
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  Reduce Dev Cost by 50%
Reduce Dev Complexity
Reduce Time to launch New Service

API Integration and Automation Layer

API First

Modular, Reusable, and Extensible APIs


Event-driven, Service Behavior, Call Flow

Data Normalization

Filter, Enrich, Correlation in Real-time

A Role-Based API Management



Data-driven business and strategic decisions

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Easily utilize and operate the APIs

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Focus on developing the framework

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  • Have a complex set of streaming data to process and handle?
  • Have a problem interfacing with a lot of devices and protocols?
  • Need to create an enterprise-grade application on-premise?


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Light Weight

Ultra-light at 60MB. Deploy anywhere with minimal impact on the resources

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Being lightweight allow API AutoFlow to be used in a wide range of environments including in-device, on-premises, and cloud.

Compared with the traditional API management products that are a few GBs to download or only offered as cloud-service, API AutoFlow provide much needed flexibility and simplicity.

API Autoflow does not have any dependencies either and can run on most Linux/WIN/MAC OS and INTEL/ARM based HW.

Microsecond Latency

Enhance service performance. Improve user experience with reduced latency

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Out-of-the-box, API AutoFlow supports multithreading, threadpool, IPC, and memory optimization, and more. It designed to make full use of the HW, 

As a result, API AutoFlow seamlessly processes a large amount of data at an enhanced performance and minimum latency.

This allows more data, applications, and services to consume data to meet the customer SLA requirements.

Scalable TPS

Ultra-high TPS. Dynamic horizontal scaling to meet demand.

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A single install of API AutoFlow can process up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) on an average 1U server. The actual TPS depends on the HW and the complexity of the service being called.

API AutoFlow also built to scale horizontally on-demand, capable of handling data-intensive applications and solutions in real-time.

Performance tests conducted by customers frequently show a three-digit difference in the throughput.