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No coding results in

  • Building applications faster from reduced development effort
  • Development teams focused more on design and less on coding
  • Significant savings in development costs
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Read our customer success stories below to learn how they reduced development costs by up to 80% and delivered new applications faster to market

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Our customers use AutoFlow to create API endpoints to modernize their legacy applications and deliver complex business applications faster to market and under budget

Create API frontend

for legacy databases and applications

Healthcare Use Case

Integrating and making data available through APIs

Create API Frontend

Customers leveraged API AutoFlow to modernize secure access to legacy databases. The hospital IT admin was able to avoid the costly and complex development work of transforming their application to today’s API driven services.

  • No-code development time enabled access within days (not weeks/months)
  • IT solutions architect are now able to take ownership of client access to their data sources
  • API AutoFlow can apply strong authentication, authorization to secure access
  • Data Transformation and request routing can be applied by API AutoFlow to meet the compliance and reporting requirements (ETL+)

Create complex applications

using no-code, under budget

Fintech Use Case

Accelerated application backend creation

Create complex application

API AutoFlow is used in multiple parts in a complex system, integrating multiple data sources, and utilizing the latest technologies such as blockchain and big data analytics. *Just two engineers were able to develop the whole solution and well under budget.

  • Faster development: Up to 50% faster go-to-market
  • No code to manage: Up to 90% saving in maintenance
  • More ideas become solutions: Up to 25% more productization

Discover the platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your application exactly the way you want.

How API AutoFlow Works

Create applications fast using a no-code declarative approach


Create Server

  • Protocol/Port
  • TLS
  • Authentication

Multiple apps can be hosted on a single AutoFlow instance


Create App Functions

  • Use pre-built API endpoints
  • Create custom app functions Method

Take advantage of 3,000+ pre-built API endpoints


Enable App

  • Connect to backend data source
  • Enable external access
How API AutoFlow Works

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  • Have a complex set of streaming data to process and handle?
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Over 3,000+ connectors to major SaaS and Databases

Why API AutoFlow

Why do industry-leading companies globally choose to work with API AutoFlow?

Top telecom operator in the US found API AutoFlow to be the only API integration platform that meets the performance requirements of the telecom network infrastructure

Fully graphical user based experience one of the primary reasons why companies use API AutoFlow.
There’s no syntax to remember. Simply drag-and-drop action to the flow to create solutions.

The on-premise software is only 40MB with no dependencies.

That means it can run anywhere from the edge device to the cloud.

Up to 10x lower cost compared with major iPaaS and API management products.

Make the price comparison for yourself.

.Over 3,000+ connectors to popular SaaS services and databases.

The product provides flexible ways to interact with custom services.

Makes 5G edge cloud integration easy and flexible.

Process data at the edge. low latency, logic execution for 5G application such as network slicing.


Simpler • Easier • Faster • Better Performance • Cost Effective

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