About us

Interactor is a company that provides next generation nocode automation, integration, and management solutions. Interactor software boasts extensive ultra-high processing speeds, and scalability for large enterprise and telecom use cases.

Interactor Brand

As the company grows, we find more organizations and people needing to represent us in some way.
It is important that each representation is done in a professional way with proper company logo and design.
Hence, our design provides the official logo and color scheme for our partners and customers to use.
Our Story

Interactor was founded in 2014 by David Jung, Cisco architect
who designed software powering industry leading routers.

At the Internet networking company Cisco, the founders developed packet forwarding software. The software was built to run routers at full-duplex throughput of up to 322 Tera bit per second. Having built such high performance connectivity products, he started questioning why no such product exists for solution building. Everything after connectivity still had to be coded or rely on cloud platforms. Inspired by the challenge, a company was started to create a product that makes building enterprise-level solutions as simple as punching in a few commands.

Interactor is the product that enables solution building for GREAT ideas, offering the reliability of enterprise-level solutions as well as the flexibility, scale and performance today’s applications require. Interactor provides software licensing, professional services for designing and building, and support services for ongoing product support that is needed for enterprise customers.

We have branch and partner offices across the US, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. Simply contact us or our partners to more information. Please compare our product with others’ and see how much time and cost you could be saving.

Contact Information

We'd love to talk about how we can work together!

U.S. Head Quarters

1290-B Reamwood Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

+1 (408) 484 7780


Unique Values

Fast and Flexible Protoco Support
  • Create custom protocol support through logic configuration. Ideal for small protocol specs and non-standard protocols.
  • Installable protocol support while Interactor is running. Ideal for standard protocols. Expect to take 1-2 weeks for most protocols for the Interactor team to develop. Larger specifications could take longer.
  • Configurable protocol builder within Interactor. Ideal for any protocol that needs to be supported through configuration only.
Solution Management and Support
  • Update solutions without downtime. Ideal for critical infrastructure deployment.
  • Update protocol and solution without downtime. Interactor does not need to have all the components for the solution such as protocols supported. Only the required protocols can be installed to make sure it stays light.
  • Device management of Interactor devices.
Device simulation
  • Simulate any device and data behavior through configuration. Ideal for custom protocol development, platform and data solutions testing.
  • Simulate any device and data behavior through configuration. Ideal for custom protocol development, platform and data solutions testing.


July 2021
LG Chemical Smart Factory
Japan Radio Corp. network
observability platform
May 2021
March 2002
API AutoFlow Prototype
Verizon’s 2019 Built On
5G Challenge
October 2019
October 2019
Nokia’s Industrial Automation Open
Innovation Challenge
* The City of Daegu awards
contracts and signs MOU
* LS Electrical
EdgeHub interactor
February 2019
January 2019
Release of SDWAN solution powered
by Interactor
Intelligent network automation
project with USA’s largest telecom
service providers
March 2019
October 2018
Contract for edge LTE with leading
maritime company
Intelligent network automation
project with USA’s largest telecom
service providers
March 2019
“IDG Network World magazine’s”
Hot 10 AI-powered IoT startups
August 2018
March 2018
Telecom Council name Interactor as
Startup to Watch
IoT infrastructure project
Guangzhou China
January 2018
September 2017
IBM Watson Call center solution
US Government
Dept. of Commerce for Smart
Tech Mission
April 2017
February 2017
Panasonic to build smart retail
MITRE IoT Challenge Competition
First Runner Up
January 2017
March 2002
US Government Grant
Cyber Security grant from US
Government DHS
Selected for Singapore Government
Smart City
November 20155
November 2015
Cisco Smart City Solution
Interactor Beta launch
(Community release)
September 2015
October 2014
Pulzze Systems, Inc. founded
Legal Company Name

Pulzze Systems, Inc is the legal name of the company.
Interactor is a D.B.A name and registered trademark of Pulzze Systems, Inc.

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All use of our trademarks remain the proprietary ownership of Pulzze Systems, Inc (D.B.A Interactor)

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