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How API AutoFlow is used in Telemetry

Logistics Telemetry

API AutoFlow allows shippers,
carriers, and even third-party
recipients to track the movement
of their goods in real-time. Data
can be provided in Rest API and
email, text messaging

IoT Sensors

Sensors and devices that transmit data
can easily be integrated into your
application. API AutoFlow supports
many IoT protocols and data formats
that can be customized for your use

Web/App Backend

Features needed for the application
can be created using easy drag and
drop logic and integration with APIs
and Databases - reducing
development time and cost by around

Freight Rating

API AutoFlow is used in
transportation management
systems (TMS) to send freight
quote requests to carriers while
returning estimates to the
customer in real-time.

Shipping & Dispatching

When a shipper contacts a carrier to
set up a pick-up time, the API
AutoFlow allows them to send the
request, receive confirmation, and
respond with confirmation when
picked up.

Retrieving Documents

API AutoFlow integrated into a TMS
or CRM permits the user to request,
search, upload, download, print, or
review documents by tracking
number, customer, and other
data-specific searches.

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