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Healthcare SaaS app

Monitoring platform for thousands of sensors

API AutoFlow helps solutions get built up to 80% faster than traditional development methods

Why People Love API AutoFlow

Accelerated Time-to-Market
Revenue is realized sooner by accelerating the solution development. Users of API AutoFlow have express anywhere up to 80% faster development times.
Lower Cost
For the same features, why pay more for Mulesoft or Infomatica? On average, API AutoFlow license costs over 50% less than the competitors
Faster Solution to Problems
Problems cost money for the businesses. Companies using API AutoFlow solve the problems faster translating directly to cost savings.
3000+ Connectors
Building connectors can take days if not weeks or months. API AutoFlow comes with thousands of connectors to popular cloud services, databases, and protocols.
Solutions Managed In-house
Calling a system integrator can be expansive and off-shore dev shops can be limiting. API AutoFlow makes all the solutions manageable in-house.
Worry Free
Every release of Interactor is rigorously tested and used by top tier companies around the world for many years. Rest assure it will be up so you can be asleep.
Low Maintenance
A typical Software Development Life Cycle has 60% of the cost in maintenance. Interactor users have expressed up to 70% savings in maintenance costs by using remote and GUI based maintenance features.
Access to Experts
There are times when you need help. Our account managers and technical experts are a phone call, email, or chat away to help with the solution architecture, development, and adjacent technologies.
Everything you need
From connectivity to the data source, processing of data, applying complex computation, and publishing to the data consumers. Interactor has you covered.
Ongoing innovation
Technology changes are faster than one can keep up. Interactor delivers regular product updates to ensure you always have the latest, most secure, and greatest features capable of meeting your ongoing project needs.

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